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About Residencial Spidia Playa

Residencial Spidia Playa is an exclusive promotion in the residential area of El Hornillo. With an excellent location and orientation, it has spectacular sea views.
Our team of professionals has created functional and versatile homes, with an intelligent design and carefully selected materials, that will easily adapt to your needs.


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Águilas, a stunning urban bay within a unique natural environment

Águilas is a spot with unique characteristics in terms of its climate, landscape and history. Located to the southeast of the Region of Murcia, it has one of the most stunning urban bays on the Mediterranean coast, with an exceptional microclimate, offering an average temperature of 23ºC, and a unique coastal environment, enclosed by the warm sea and an almost always blue horizon.

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At Magasen 5, we are dedicated to bringing together all of the conditions to create unique homes, that are both special and practical, in prime locations. Our family-based and professional team has extensive experience in the world of real estate and construction.

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