A real estate developer specialised in residential construction in the Levante.

About us

Our values, our commitment

The simple joy of taking an idea into your own hands and giving it shape is exciting.

— George Nelson

At Magasen 5, we are dedicated to bringing together all of the conditions to create unique homes, that are both special and practical, in prime locations. Our family-based and professional team has extensive experience in the world of real estate and construction. Our disciplined approach is focused on creating high-quality spaces that are respectful of the landscape and geared towards local and international market needs.

At present, a large part of our activity is concentrated in the residential area of El Hornillo, in Águilas, where our promotions stand out for their quality and contemporary construction, our commitment to energy efficiency, the stunning views and the creation of both communal and private landscaped and leisure areas.

Our last promotion, Terrazas del Hornillo, which has been sold in its entirety, was a success precisely for these reasons. With our new promotion, Spidia Playa, we are focused on creating a comfortable residential development, with a classic but innovative design, which can breathe new life into the residential area of El Hornillo.

With each of our promotions we aim to go one step further in designing and building environments that provide residents with a high quality of life. That is why we take into account the lifestyle of residents in each decision that we make, because it is our job to create a future for them.

Our company is based on four key principles

  • Creativity

    To identify opportunities, to seek an innovative approach in our work and to recognise the latest trends to apply to our projects.

  • Sustainability

    As we are aware that we work within a privileged environment, we are committed to the rational use of natural resources and the creation of sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly projects. These principles contribute to the prosperity and economy of our customers.

  • Attention to detail

    We are proud to the attention we pay to every last detail, because we know that each detail serves a purpose. We carefully select materials and finishes to create a unique experience, in which you always have the last say.

  • Proximity

    As a family company, we never forget the value of providing a friendly, honest and personalised service. We believe in constant and transparent communication, so you will always be kept up-to-date with the status of your home.


What do we do at Magasen 5?

  • Sales

  • Housing promotions

  • Housing promotions

  • Legal advice

  • Financial and tax advice

  • Energy advice

Together we make it happen

Our team

  • María José Gambín Asensio

    Consultant. Degree in Economic Science

  • Amparo Gambín Asensio


  • Rocío Gambín Asensio


  • José Antonio Gambín Asensio

    Sworn translator

  • Carlos Martín Pérez


  • Jose Antonio González Díaz

    Administrative manager

Visit us at our offices in the centre of Águilas:

C/ Balart, 1

30880, Águilas

+34 968 41 30 23